Brett Jarrett


“Just as a portrait artist, any animal painted in the realism genre deserves to be accurately portrayed.  As an artist, know your subject and try your best to represent it as beautifully as nature does”.

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Brett, the Artist

I believe in channelling my creative urges in order to produce unique artwork in Narrawong. My inspiration for my work is the miracle of life.


Bay of Whales Gallery and Coffee Shop is born out of a combination of my education, training and experience, which allows my perspective as an artist to remain traditional yet contemporary.

Art is how I battle against the indifference of humans and offer new ways of viewing the world.

Bay of  Whales Gallery

Displaying the very best realist animal and bird paintings in Australia, the new purpose-built Bay of Whales Gallery showcases sophisticated, world class oil paintings by Brett Jarrett himself.

Located at 47 Liebelts Rd, Narrawong, Victoria. 

A 30 minute drive west of Port Fairy

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47 Liebelts Rd   Narrawong   

Victoria   3285   Australia  ©  2020 Brett Jarrett

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